The device and technologies for low-temperature dehydration in vacuum

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The technology and the device for low-temperature vacuum dehydration have been designed for small production of long-life food products from raw materials of animal and vegetable origin.

Current stage

Small production of dry pantogematogen, dry pharmaceutical forms (Lohein, Ahillan, Ahigran), salts of mineral waters and curative muds (Esobel, Shirsal, Alexan, Ilos), and vegetables, has been set up in different regions of Russia on the basis of the devices.


Vacuum evaporators are designed for concentration of heat-labile liquids (berry juices, extracts from herbal and organic-mineral raw materials, mineral waters, etc.).

  • performance on evaporated moisture l/h                                           up to 400
  • specific energy consumption, kW•h/l                                     not more than 0.45
  • boiling point, °C                                                                                      30-40


  •  high energy efficiency;
  •  preservation of the whole complex of biologically active substances;
  •  preservation of organoleptic characteristics (taste, color, smell, etc.);
  •  improvement of bacterial contamination of the final product.