The technological complex for pasteurization/sterilization of raw materials of the food industry

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Pasteurization of raw materials of the food industry (juices, milk, beer, etc.) at low temperatures without the use of chemical reagents. The technology is based on deactivation of bacteria when exposed to accelerated electrons without additional heating of the liquid and introduction of chemical reagents.

Current stage

An experimental prototype has been made; operating equipment for provision of services is available.

The project “Electron-stimulated disinfection of milk” is the winner of the competition “UMNIK” of the Bortnik’s fund, agreement № 13-4/2012.


The proposed pasteurization technology of food raw material has been created on the basis of a pulsed-electron accelerator ASTRA-M, whose parameters (electron kinetic energy is 450 keV, pulse duration is 110 ns, pulse energy is up to 10J) provide complete safety of both, personnel conducting the maintenance of the complex and the processed product.


  • affection of all types of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses);
  • retention of all nutritional properties of the product;
  • no need to apply high temperature adversely affecting native properties of the product;
  • no expensive consumable components, including chemical additives;
  • ability to apply the equipment in an industrial plant without building additional facilities, due to the compactness and the mobility of the complex.
  • full automation and control of the treatment process.

    Power consumption of the accelerator is 12 kW.

    Productivity of the complex is up to 1 m3/h.