Compact electron accelerator SEA-7 (betatron)

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Accelerator SEA-7 is a source of pulsed bremsstrahlung and is intended for the use in X ray nondestructive testing. The accelerator design allows its using in both workshop and field applications.

Current stage

Prototype sample


Application sphere:

- X ray testing of materials and products with a total thickness for the steel of up to 250 mm.

- X ray testing of construction projects (reinforced concrete structures)

 Technical specifications

Maximum energy of   accelerated electrons    

              7,0 MeV

Range of accelerated   electrons energy control with a pitch of 0,5 MeV                                                                        

           2,5…7,0 MeV

Maximum bremsstrahlung   radiation dose at the distance of 1 m from the target at the maximum energy

            10 R/min

 (88´10-3  Gy/min)                                                  

Maximum dimensions of the   focal spot      

            0,3´3 mm

Maximum power consumption   from the AC network with the frequency of 50, 60 Hz, at a voltage of 220W   with a deviation from the nominal value ±10 %, and not more than               

             3,5 kW

Operating time is not less   than 10 hours a day with a cycle of 45 minutes of operation and 15-minute   break with fans on.




- easy transportation to the object of control;

- power supply: AC 220/110 V or a separate source;

- wide range of adjustment of the energy of accelerated electrons;

- operation in a wide range of climatic conditions;

- easy integration into digital flaw detection systems, presence of the outputs to synchronize with external control system, Ethernet support.