Small-sized pulse betatrons of the MIB type

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Betatrons are designed for nondestructive testing of materials and products, as well as for solving a number of applied and scientific problems.

Current stage

Serial production.


The betatron is an induction cyclic accelerator of electrons, where the energy of particles is increased by an electric curl field produced by a fluctuating magnetic flux occuring inside the orbit of particles.

 Main areas of application

  • non-destructive testing of materials and products in industry and in construction;
  • inspection of carry-on baggage, contents of containers, and large transport vehicles;
  • radiation tests of radio electronic equipment in order to predict its operational life in outer space;
  • radiation therapy with fast electrons of a wide range of diseases of oncological and other nature.

Characteristic differences of the betatron, as compared to other emitting sources

  • narrow directional beam pattern and, hence, lower radiation danger when working in non-stationary conditions;  
  • good sharpness of the image due to small sizes of the focal spot;
  • portability and mobility of most betatron modifications;
  • low cost, as compared to other types of accelerators.

 Advantages of latest developments

  • easy servicing due to introduction of the microprocessor control;
  • increased reliability due to development of quick-response effective electronic protection schemes of power circuits of the betatron;
  • low yield of faulty radiographs due to the presence of a built-in and a remote system of beam dosimetry;
  • standardized parts for different types of betatrons.