Thermal-imaging energy audit of building structures

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Diagnostics of the thermal protection of building structures and determination of the efficiency of activities on renovation of protecting structures.

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The project is associated with an energy audit of building structures in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law #261-FZ from November 23, 2009 "On energy saving and improvement of the energy efficiency and on introduction of amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation." The developed technology allows to quickly detect defects in thermal insulation of buildings, as well as to assess the actual heat loss through protective structures, and to determine the technical-and-economic efficiency of measures on improvement of the thermal resistance of protective structures. As compared to the well-known techniques of thermal-imaging diagnostics, the proposed technology allows to quantitatively assess the thermal protection, namely, the reduced resistance to heat-transfer at 100% examination of protective structures. An innovative technology that combines the use of a heat meter for measurement of the heat flow at specific points and a thermal imager for measurement of the temperature on the facade of the building are applied in order to solve the abovementioned problems.