The real time operating environment MexBIOS for control systems of electric motors and robotic complexes

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Designed for installation as a built-in software in microcontrollers installed in electric drives, integrated servo-drivers, and control boards of manipulator position.

Current stage

The product is at the stage of testing on prototype systems of electric motor control systems.


MexBIOS provides computation in the real time mode of functions connected with:

  • axis control of electric motors of various designs (speed, position, acceleration, current, torque);
  • synchronization of electric drive operation as a part of a multiaxial robotic complex (circular and linear interpolation, development of control logic);
  • execution of protection algorithms and servicing of control logic over the technological process. Built-in services of MexBIOS provide implementation of most problems solved at creation of control systems of electric motors and industrial robots. Initiation and execution of a user’s operating mode algorithms is allowed. 

Field of application

Electric motor control systems (frequency converters, soft starters, servocontrollers, control boards of position in several axes) which, in turn, are applied in all industries, household use, vehicles, etc.

Competitive advantages

Acceleration of start-up time of the built-in software for electric motor control systems is 10 times higher due to the absence in the need for development of the built-in software itself. MexBIOS must be configured for the used control system by means of selection and adjustment of necessary functions from a set of ready services.