The equipment and the technology for electric-discharge utilization of reinforced concrete structures

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Utilization of reinforced concrete structures.

Current stage

Small-scale production.


The operation principle of the installation is based on the destructive effect of pulse electric discharges initiated in the thickness of the concrete under the layer of water. Reinforced concrete is destructed by tensile forces, the critical value of which is significantly lower than compressive forces. Transfer of high-voltage pulses from the generator to the destructed item is carried out by an electrode system with up to twenty-two high-voltage electrodes arranged in a row across the width of the processing tank. Polyurethane insulation of electrodes is carried out with the use of the technology developed in the Institute.


  • at destruction of reinforced concrete structures the reinforcing cage is not deformed; concrete inserts and crushed concrete rubble can be recycled;
  • ecological purity of the process;
  • low power consumption.

     Technical specifications

 • installed capacity          50 kW

 • productivity (without loading and unloading of products)     -  3 – 5 m3/h

 • energy input, not more than:

  •     at processing of articles with single-layer reinforcement      -  3 kWh/m3
  •     at processing of articles with spatial reinforcement              -  7 kWh/m3

 Parameters of destructed articles:

  •     dimensions  4,8×1,2×0,3 m;
  •     weight          up to 10 t
  •     dimensions of the installation      12×12×4 m;
  •      weight of the installation             25 tons.