Surface laser scanning (SLS)

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 • Facade shooting of architectural-historic buildings and structures for the purpose of creation of measurement drawings and three-dimensional models for repair and restoration work;

 • large-scale topographic survey of built-up areas at the stage of research for designing of new facilities and renovation of existing ones;

 • creation of three-dimensional intelligent geo-information models of existing enterprises and the process equipment based on SLS;

 • implementation of integrated operations (topographical survey, creating of measurement drawings, building of three-dimensional models) for reconstruction of engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, overpasses, tunnels);

 • deformation monitoring of facilities under construction and commissioned residential, office, and industrial facilities, engineering facilities (bridges, locks, dams, tunnels, etc.);

 • geodesic independent audit on building and structure construction objects based on proposal of the customer, at the stage of construction as part of supervision.

 • geodesic support at the stage of design and installation of facade structures (suspended ventilated facades, complex-shape translucent structures);

 • determination of the amount of bulk building materials (slag, crushed stone, sand, sand-gravel mixture) in quarries, in temporary piles, at construction sites;

 • reconstruction and restoration of obsolete design and executive documentation with transformation of plans into 3D models;

 • creation of three-dimensional models of buildings based on SLS data and design-vector documentation for participation in programs on energy-audits and energy-efficiency in industrial, household, residential and non-residential premises.

Current stage

Existing equipment for provision of services is available.


Surface Laser Scanning (SLS) is an advanced method of remote data acquisition on the research object (accurate determination of geometric parameters of buildings and constructions, terrain).

On the basis of SLS it is possible to create geographic information systems, information three-dimensional models, executive documentation, electronic data sheets, at the stage of design, construction and operation of complex engineering structures.

Unlike the conventional photo-theodolite method, the SLS method allows to obtain objective materials of the current state of facades and actual geometric parameters of buildings and structures (including architectural and historical) in a shorter period of time. Based on materials from SLS, it is possible to create interactive promotional videos for attraction of tourists to monuments of historical and cultural heritage.

One of the promising areas is the application of the SLS method for the development of executive documentation, detalization of land communications in facilities of the oil-and-gas industry. An integrated application of the tacheometric survey and SLS provides an objective picture of geometric parameters of buildings.