The laboratory information-management system (LIS / LIMS) “CHEMIST- ANALYST”

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The system is designed for automation of the activity of chemical plants, analytical services, and industrial laboratories. The software package is versatile an allows processing the measurement data for any object of the analysis (parameters of the water-chemistry mode, raw material, materials, intermediate and finished products, sanitary-hygienic parameters, objects of ecological interest, etc.).

Current stage

The system is implemented in more than 300 laboratories of Russian enterprises.


The LIS/LIMS covers all basic functions of the analytical service (QCD, environmental, sanitary).


  •  “Chemist-analytic” is the only lab management system in Russia most fully implementing the requirements of Russian regulatory documents;
  •  remote access to the web allows to carry out full-time viewing and monitoring of electronic documents from anywhere in the world;
  •  adaptation of the system to the specific technical requirements (specifications) of the Customer, “turnkey” execution of work;
  •  reduction in the “human factor” impact and labor costs during the analytical work.