Pulse-beam technologies for hardening of carbide cutting tools

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Development of a universal energy-saving technology for hardening of carbide cutting tools.

Current stage

Research work on the project has been carried out; a laboratory installation (experimental-industrial prototype) has been manufactured; a number of patents have been received. The technology and installations based on the accelerator “Temp” were used in the NPP “Linetron-Nizhny Novgorod”, i.e. an industrial testing of the method has been implemented.


The project is aimed at solution of the problem of cutting tools hardening (increasing the service life). Rapid heating (109-1010 K/s) and cooling of the surface layer takes place under the influence of a powerful ion beam on the surface of the tool during the pulse (<0.1 microseconds). The boundaries of grains become less pronounced; mutual solution of WC and Co phases takes place resulting in “curing” of defects in the grain boundary with formation of a boundary layer with tightly bound atoms Co-W-C. The content of WC increases in the surface layer with a thickness of up to tens of microns. These factors are crucial for improving the mechanical properties of cutting tools. 

Technical specifications

  • power consumption of the accelerator
  • productivity of the equipment for the   experimental-industrial installation

15 kW  

90 plates Ø 30 mm/hour (single load)





The technology of carbide material hardening is characterized by a number of competitive advantages:

  • high performance (1 m2 of treated surface/hour);
  • no need for surface pre-cleaning;
  • thermal impact only on the surface layer;
  • low specific energy consumption (<10 kW hour/m2);
  • invariance of geometric dimensions of workpieces after hardening;
  • environmental safety (absence of harmful products);
  • high profitability in case of practical implementation of the method.