The installation for generation of extreemly intense microwave pulses of a nano- picosecond duration

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An industrial mastering of R&D results on development of pulse-emitting installations for the purpose of functional impact, location, and implementation of physical research, and other applications.

Current stage



The project is aimed at solving the problem of electromagnetic safety of the Russian Federation regarding the creation of sources of intense electromagnetic radiation with the range of 30MHz-300GHz pico-nanosecond duration needed for the assesment of the vulnerability of power equipment, information computer control systems, sensitive to external electromegentic emission.  A technology of temporary compression of pulse energy at the output of classic electric-vacuum microwave devices with the use of resonant systems is used in order to generate sources.


  • Development of such installations is based on the implementation of existing technologies and equipment operating at enterprises of the electronic industry of the Russian Federation.
  • The installation can be mounted on mobile vehicles;
  • The installation uses smaller feeding voltages, and has smaller overall weight and size parameters than alternative emission sources.

 The autonomous emitting installation of the X-band, which utilizes the technology of temporal compression of the output energy of the industrial magnetron, has the following main technical characteristics:

Carrier emission frequency is 9.4 GHz

Pulse duration is 1 ns

Repetition frequency is 400 Hz

Peak power is 1 MW

Antenna gain is 33 dB

Weight is up to 50 kg

Dimensions are 0.9 x 0.6 x 0.6 m3