The water purification complex “Aerozon”

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The complex is designed for production of drinking water from underground and surface waters, as well as for supplying enterprises of various branches of the industry, organizations and institutions, camps, villages, and residential homes with drinking water.

The complex “Aerozon” is designed for purification of water from mechanical impurities such as iron, manganese, phenols, and petroleum products, as well as for improvement of organoleptic characteristics up to the requirements of SanPiN

Current stage

Single piece production (customized) is carried out. Eighteen “Aerozon” complexes are successfully operating in West Siberia. Certificate of conformity № С RU.АИ62.В00068.


The technology of water purification utilizes ozonation — a universal method of water purification with the most effective impact on a large number of different pollutants, both natural and artificial origin. A two-stage scheme of oxidation is applied — aeration and ozonation. The treated water is clarified using filters with a mineral filtrating material and, if necessary, is purified using sorption and ion-exchange materials. The multistage purification scheme significantly reduces the load on sorption materials ensuring their effective use.


  • full automation of the complex according to the customer's request;
  • vacuum-ejection machines are used for water ozonation, which is the most effective method for mixing water with ozone;
  • multistage ozonation scheme reduces dimensions of the complex and increases the efficiency of water purification.