Compositions and the technology for production of foam-glass materials with improved physical and mechanical properties have been developed
• Detecting water ingress in aircraft honeycomb panels • Detecting impact damage, disbonds, delaminations, burnings and other defects in composite materials and components in the aero space
The hybrid sorbent for treatment of water bodies from radionuclides is distinguished by high sorption properties of its components. The components may include: nanotubes and nanopowders of metal oxides and modified, using these nanoforms, mycelium of nonpathogenic mold fungi of various kinds.
The reagentless and environmentally safe method of water treatment allows removing and preventing deposition of hardness salts in anу following systems: heating; hot water supply; cold water supply; recycling water supply.
Monitoring of technological processes and adaptive management of the development of an “intelligent” field
An integrated energy-efficient solution resulting in dehydration of flue gasses, reduction in the dew point, and elimination of vapor condensation in a chimney.
Fuel briquettes from low-grade raw materials (peat, sapropel, brown coal, wood) for burning in existing fuel-burning devices.
Assessment of the effectiveness of the use of alternative and renewable energy sources (RES): solar, wind, small streams.
The technology and the device for low-temperature vacuum dehydration have been designed for small production of long-life food products from raw materials of animal and vegetable origin.
An innovative solution to the problem of arc welding of magnetized items is the use of a specialized power supply that forms rectangular current pulses in a welding circuit whose polarity changes at specific deviation of the arc from the axis of the electrode
Disinfection and purification of industrial-municipal wastewaters from a wide range of impurities: improvement of organoleptic indicators, removal of organic impurities (petroleum products, phenol, methanol, etc.)
The complex is designed for production of drinking water from underground and surface waters, as well as for supplying enterprises of various branches of the industry, organizations and institutions, camps, villages, and residential homes with drinking water.
Purification of water from underground sources up to the quality complying with the requirements of SanPiN “Drinking water and water supply of populated areas”, and flavouring water with the taste of mountain river waters.
Production of high-quality nano-dispersed pigments (coloring, heat-resistant, etc.) from waste after water treatment for paints and varnishes, parting paints for foundry production, etc.
Production of nanosized and submicron composite, metal, and oxide particles.
Designed for determination of micro-amounts of substances in various media (for example: mineral water, juices, medication, oil-based products) by the method of color differences with application of polymer optods.
The system is designed for automation of the activity of chemical plants, analytical services, and industrial laboratories.
Optimization of a complex of geological prospecting works, improvement of their effectiveness through introduction of the modern space technologies